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SYF is dedicated to changing lives through travel and we cannot achieve our goal alone. Your involvement as a volunteer — whether on a local or national level — will help us expand our impact. SYF has many ways to get involved. For instance, you can join the Board of Trustees or a committee or donate your time to one of our events or programs.

If you are interested in volunteering with SYF, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Sheelagh WylieVolunteer Spotlight

Sheelagh Wylie, a member of the SYTA Youth Foundation board of trustees, is the Head of Trade Sales for Merlin Entertainments’ Midway attractions in North America. In her role, she oversees strategy for youth and education travel, third-party sales, and groups. 

Sheelagh wanted to be involved with SYF because of the many people she met who shared her belief that travel changes lives and is essential to a complete education. The best thing about being involved with SYF, Sheelagh finds, is the people you meet and engage with. 

“People are depending on me. My fellow trustees on the SYF board of trustees are depending on me to support them with the creation of ongoing awareness and assistance programs for the direct benefit of youth. Deserving kids are depending on me to help raise funds to support their travel.” 

The more you are involved with SYF, Sheelagh says, the more you will get out of it—personally and professionally.  

“Not only will you develop lifelong friends and successful business partnerships, you will support children traveling at a young age. Kids are provided with a greater advantage if they start traveling when they are young. A child who has traveled when they are young is a child who has already begun his or her educational path. Travel is important for youth, because it offers diverse educational experiences and it gives them a greater idea of what is really going on in the world in which they live. Travel broadens their horizons, teaches them about other cultures, allows them time for exploration and acquiring new skills, shows them how lucky they are, and offers them a sense of confidence and knowledge.”