Every student deserves to embark on a journey that will help them develop a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. Traveling brings subject matter to life in a way the classroom can’t and not all students have the resources to participate in these life-changing opportunities.

Together, the American Experience Foundation (AEF) and the SYTA Youth Foundation (SYF) believe a trip to the nation’s capital is a rite of passage into high school for those in 8th grade.  By visiting Washington, DC, these students will receive an enriched education experience and deepen their knowledge of U.S. history.

For many students across the country, a trip like this is not available to them for a variety of reasons, and that is where AEF and SYF bridge the gap through our DC Rite of Passage program.  We work with our partners to develop a multi-day/night stay itinerary that is comprised of student-friendly and must-see attractions, national parks and monuments, and experiences unique to Washington DC.  

Together, we believe we can change the lives of young people through an enriching travel experience to Washington DC. 

To become a DC Rite of Passage partner, or to have your school group considered as an applicant for this program, please email [email protected].