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Through a partnership with Your Big Year, this four-day Global Citizens Challenge is an online program designed to bridge cultural divides, increase engagement with the travel and tourism industry, and provide young people with a transformative, hands-on, and collaborative way to meet and work with their peers from around the world.

This program is designed for youth ages 15-20 and to learn more visit Global Citizens Challenge — Your Big Year.  

We just wrapped 2024’s challenge, to watch the recap, visit here and view the full impact report, here.

Impact from Challenge




“I just wanted to thank you all for the opportunity to connect with people around the world. This was my first truly global thing I’ve done in my life and I wanted to say thank you for making it possible.” – Tristan, USA


 “I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire team who made this challenge a reality, from the visionary leaders to the supportive investors and dedicated executives. Your commitment to fostering global connections and empowering change-makers is truly commendable, I had the best experience this year so far with you! So thank you so much.
This program has been an absolute game-changer for me. I had the honor of connecting with individuals from over 50 different countries, each bringing their unique perspectives and cultures to the table. It was an incredible opportunity to share the rich tapestry of my own country’s culture with people from around the world, fostering a deep appreciation for our differences and a profound sense of global unity.
As I move forward, I’m excited to see how this journey with Your Big Year unfolds. I believe it’s just the beginning of something truly great, and I’m eager to continue growing, learning, and making a positive impact alongside this incredible community.
Looking forward to having the opportunity of being one of the leaders of the next GCC!” – Ahmed, Algeria