Gratitude for Life.

Adrian’s life was turned upside down at the age of seven. His mother was incarcerated and he then went to live with his grandparents, who each died within a short time of becoming his guardians. Following their deaths, Adrian went from being a happy child living in Florida to being sent to California to live with relatives he had never met.

Adrian and his story inspired his teacher in California to nominate him to receive a Road Scholarship from the SYTA Youth Foundation. Because he was selected to receive the scholarship, he was able to travel to Boston and New York with his classmates in 2015. Adrian’s gratitude to SYF is evident in his letter:

To the SYTA Youth Foundation,

I’d like to thank you for the scholarship. It allowed me to go on a trip I thought I would never be able to go to. Without it, I might not have been able to go on the trip. I was able to learn and see things that I thought I wouldn’t be able to.

In Boston I learned about how Native American’s live alongside settlers and the troubles that the settlers face in America. In New York, I got to see all the historical landmarks and learn about their purpose. I even got to see the Freedom Tower.

When we were in Washington D.C., I learned about the importance of democracy and about the building that house our three branches of government.

I am especially thankful that I was able to spend this time with my friends.

Sincerely, Adrian
Los Nietos Middle School, Whittier, CA

Today, as a testament to his resilience and determination, Adrian has improved from earning D’s and F’s in school to A’s and B’s. He is training for the Los Angeles Marathon with Student Run Los Angeles and participates in MESA, Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement. Please donate to SYF to support scholarships for other deserving students like Adrian.

Transformation begins with you.