Since participating in the SYTA Youth Foundation Next Generation Program in April 2016, Daniel Khalaf has made several changes in his life and has new purpose. Immediately upon returning to Minnesota from the trip, Daniel put all of his focus and energy into school, making up credits he needed in to graduate. Graduation was something Daniel was not sure he would accomplish, but his travel experience inspired him to complete high school and focus on his post-secondary options. He graduated from high school in May 2016 and immediately obtained employment at Walmart. Daniel has an interest in auto repair and auto detailing. He has applied to an auto mechanic apprenticeship program, which he will begin in a few months. After completing that program, Daniel hopes to obtain steady employment in the auto field, eventually owning his own auto repair and detailing business.

Prior to the trip, Daniel really was lost: He was behind in high school credits, did not see a future for himself and was surrounded by tough street life. Transformative is the only word to describe what has happened to Daniel. He sees his options. He sees a future. He understands that he possess the ability to control what happens to him. Daniel will be a self-sufficient, positive contributor to his community, thanks to the opportunity provided to him by the SYTA Youth Foundation.

Transformation begins with you.