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The Wingman Club provides wings for deserving students to experience the gift of travel through the SYF programs. Help make travel a reality for students and youth by becoming a Wingman today! When you’re a Wingman, you’re part of an exclusive club travel professionals who care. Here’s why they chose to donate.

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Ryan Morris“I’m a Wingman and support SYF because I want kids to experience travel and enjoy its many benefits, just like I got to. Seeing the vastness and diversity of the world changes your perspective. The students SYF benefits are the most in need of the opportunity to see new places, experience new things, meet new people and have their lives changed with a new perspective. As someone who has experienced the benefits of travel in my own life, it is my responsibility and honor to help make sure those kids have that chance as well.”Ryan Morris, Vice President and CFO, Music Travel Consultants / Educational Destinations


Melissa Ardeles“Can we call it “giving” if a donation is truly an investment into the future success of a young life? Each time I give to SYF—whether it be my time, effort, input or money—I am making a difference in the lives of youth. I wholeheartedly believe that ‘Travel Changes Young Lives for Good’ and this is why I choose to not only serve on the Board of Trustees for SYF, but I choose to be a Wingman! This #GivingTuesday, please consider a donation to SYF. A donation of $375 earns you the title of Wingman, but goes a long way in changing the life of a young traveler. I urge you to consider a donation this season (or any time of the year) and to truly think about giving to the experiences that shape the future of our youth.”Melissa Ardales, Business Development, Group Travel Network, Inc.



Thank you for your support!

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