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SYTA Youth Foundation Virtual Golf Classic 2020

The 2020 Golf Classic is a virtual golf event where golfers can play on any 18 hole golf course, at anytime or anywhere in the world. Golfers will have the chance to play golf and connect virtually with other golfers and SYF Supporters.

The Golf Classic will be a two person scramble with a twist. Golfers will post their scores through the app and track each other through the leaderboard, but team scores will not be used to win the tournament. There will be a series of contests where everyone can participate to win. Enjoy, have fun and support SYF!

REGISTER by Friday, October 2!

Registration Fees

Golfer - Singler Player: $25 
Includes one golf tournament entry, access to virtual tournament using 18Birdies mobile app, Golf Tee Off, Golf Classic Awards, prizes and access to Dance Your Meal Off (DYMO).

Golfer - Twosome: $50 
Includes two of the following: golf tournament entry, access to virtual tournament using 18Birdies mobile app, Tee Off Social, Golf Awards Social, prizes and access to Dance Your Meal Off (DYMO).

Have a foursome?
Purchase two twosome registrations. You will need to complete the registration process twice. When completing the second form, please submit the names for the 3rd & 4th player.

Golf Supporter: $25 
Includes access to virtual tournament using 18Birdies mobile app, Golf Tee Off, Golf Awards, prizes and access to Dance Your Meal Off (DYMO).


Thursday, September 24
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM ET

Golf Tee Off:
Since it’s our first virtual tournament, we invite players to join the Golf Tee Off call to learn how to use the 18Birdies App and socialize with all golfers!


Friday September 25 – Friday, October 2


SYTA Youth Foundation Golf Classic:
2 Person Scramble Format

This event will run from Friday, September 25 to Friday, October 2, 2020. Golfers must download the 18Birdies App to participate any time during these dates on the course of their choice. All scores must be submitted through the 18Birdies app by 5:00pm EST on October 2, 2020. 

Accessing the Golf Classic:

  1. Once you register, you will receive an email prior to the tournament date which will include instructions on how to access and utilize the 18Birdies App
  2. Play and post one (1) qualified round of golf at a course of your choosing between Friday, September 25 and Friday, October 2, 2020.
  3. Post pictures and cheer on other golfers by posting in the 18Birdies Tournament Feed
Monday, October 5
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM ET
Golf Classic Awards:
Join the celebration and swap stories with the other players. Prizes awarded. Join here: https://syta.zoom.us/my/syfcommittees or https://syta.zoom.us/j/2030815210.
Tuesday, October 6

SYTA Youth Foundation Celebration of the Spirit of Student Travel:
Join the SYTA Youth Foundation community virtually as we celebrate the Spirit of Student Travel and 20 years of the SYTA Youth Foundation changing young lives through travel.

Pictures submitted through the 18Birdies App will be displayed for all to see during the program and tournament winners will be recognized.


Tuesday, October 6

Dance Your Meal Off (DYMO) featuring the SYTA All-Star Band:
Celebrate with the SYTA All-Star Band by song and dance! DYMO will be held at the conclusion of Spirit of Travel virtual program. Includes an opportunity to learn the dance moves and song lyrics during October 6th intermission.

Golf Classic Information

This is a scramble style twosome tournament. Use the 18Birdies mobile app to record your team’s score, participate in contests and network during the tournament. Click here to download.

Note: Designate a team leader. Only one member of every team needs to keep score on the app. However, we encourage every player to sign up with 18Birdies to participate in contests and socialize with other players. Step-by-step instructions are provided below.

The virtual tournament is set up for twosomes only, but all playing groups are welcome!

Single Players: Follow the instructions below and skip the option to “add a player."
Foursome: Split your group in two and assign another team leader to enter scores on 18Birdies separately.

How to Use the 18Birdies App

This initial process should be managed by your team leader. Instructions to invite your fellow players are included.

1. Download the 18Birdies mobile app, available for Apple and Google devices.

2. Create a profile.

3. Once you’re signed in, you can check out the GPS and Analyze My Swing tools or choose “Skip for Now.”

4. To start your round, click “Play” along the bottom of the screen.

5. Select “Tournament” – register to receive the tournament code to join the SYTA Youth Foundation Virtual Golf Classic 2020.

6. When you are ready to start your round, click “Start Tournament Round” under the SYF Virtual Golf Tournament. Please note the tournament will not open until September 25 and you will have until 5:00 PM on October 2 to complete your round.

7. You will now choose your course. If you have enabled GPS, the closest courses to you will show.

8. Select the Course, Tee, Round Type (must be 18 Holes). It is not mandatory to add a player. Only one person needs to track scores.

Single players: skip this option.
Second player: select “add a player” if they want to socially engage within 18Birdies

9. Review the Round Settings and click “Play.”

10. You are now ready to play. The app provides you with valuable information about the course and allows you to track your score. Remember this is a scramble format tournament, so you will all tee off then play the best ball from there.

11. To record your score, press “Enter Score” at the bottom of the screen. You are ONLY required to enter your final score for the hole but may track the other information if you would like.


• Both members of a team tee off at their designated tee box
• The best ball is selected
• Both players move their ball to the spot of the best shot
• Continue each shot by selecting the ‘best ball’ and playing in
• There are to be no gimmies on putts
• You MUST use a minimum of one drive from each member of your team on the front nine AND the back nine.


All contests will be conducted through the 18Birdies mobile app.

First, Second and Third Place Raffle: Using the 18Birdies app and scramble format play as described in this document, a prize will be drawn between the first through third place scores on the leaderboard. The app will determine any tiebreaks.

Best Dressed: Golfers are encouraged to dress to impress! Take a photo of your team and post it to the Tournament Feed for a chance to win. See below for instructions on posting to the Tournament Feed.

Coolest Socks: Rock your crazy socks while you’re playing! Post pictures by October 2nd to the Tournament Feed on the 18 Birdies app for a chance to win. See below for instructions on posting to the Tournament Feed.

Tournament Feed and Social Media

Post or see all the activity from other golfers! Within the tournament, click on Tournament Feed. Pictures submitted through the 18Birdies mobile app will be displayed for all to see during the program and tournament winners will be recognized.

To post to the feed:

1. Tap the pencil icon to start a post
2. Agree to Allow Access to device’s photo album
3. Type a message, post a photo or post a video
4. Be sure to use our event hashtag, #SYFSpiritofStudentTravel
5. Tap Post

Through Facebook, participants can celebrate their journey by sharing photos or videos with the hashtag #SYFSpiritOfStudentTravel.


If you have questions or concerns, please contact Cate Marr at 571-242-1403 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Through Facebook, participants can celebrate their journey by sharing photos or videos. Have fun and get creative! Cheerleaders join the community and support participants by commenting. Please remember to use our hashtag #SYFSpiritOfStudentTravel.

Everyone is a winner, but the program will highlight the following:

• First through Third Place Raffle
• Best swing
• Best dressed 
• Coolest Socks
• Video and pictures will be shared during the Celebration!