Congratulations to the 2017 Visionary and Youth First Award Recipients!

Congratulations to the 2017 Visionary and Youth First Award Recipients. Their generosity, commitment and dedication help organizations like SYF thrive.

Amanda Roberson, Hard Rock Cafe

The recipient of the 2017 Visionary Award is Amanda Roberson from Hard Rock Cafe.

The Visionary Award is given to an individual or organization that sees travel as a means to an end—as a way to achieve a greater goal in life for oneself and others. A true philanthropist, Amanda’s acts of volunteerism come entirely from the heart. She has dedicated thousands of volunteer hours, both locally and globally, and her work can only be categorized as truly selfless.

In the last few years, she has spent weeks of her own personal time and resources to volunteer and support organizations such as Streetlight USA, an organization that serves girls who have experienced sexual trauma. Amanda also works tirelessly with The Well and Breakthrough Thailand, as well as the A21 Campaign, to help young girls and women victimized by sex trafficking.

Her efforts don’t stop with these organizations: she is fully committed to SYF as well.

Ellen Lurz, Book My Group

The recipient of the 2017 Youth First Award is Ellen Lurz from Book My Group.

The Youth First Award is given to an individual or organization that demonstrates a commitment to enriching students’ lives through travel and/or contributing to the advancement of the industry through volunteer activities, community service or education.

With an unwavering passion, commitment to the cause, and dedication to helping SYF grow in unprecedented ways, Ellen has truly been a servant to SYF. She has committed her personal treasures and time, and will be remembered most for her golden feet. Ellen is a past member of the board of trustees, has recruited more volunteers than one could imagine, both inside and outside the association. Through her commitment and determination to helping grow the SYF Running For Youth Team, the program has generated over $353,218 for SYF.


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