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Silver Lining Program 

When a group of youth is affected by a common hardship – hurricanes, earthquakes, socioeconomic factors and more – costly experiences like travel become an unattainable luxury. For these students, the SYTA Youth Foundation provides the Silver Lining they need. Each year, an all-expense paid trip is granted to help approximately 35 students & youth from our annual conference host city.

The Silver Lining Programs mission is to recognize deserving students who have demonstrated through their action, intention, or circumstance the desire to expand their awareness, creating a dramatic life change. With the help of our volunteers, the help of SYTA member companies, and the help of our annual conference host cities, the Foundation has impacted over 350 students since 2006.     

In 2011, we were able to take 50 students from New York City, our 2011 annual conference host city, on a four-day, three-night sightseeing and mentoring tour of the national historical sites of Eastern Pennsylvania.

In 2012, we took 25 students from YES located in Nashville, TN, our 2012 annual conference host city to Tampa Bay, Florida. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay provided the youth with a once in a lifetime opportunity to "bunk" up and dive into their most elite and coveted educational programs. In Tampa, they learned positive solutions to create environments for excellence within their personal lives, schools and communities.

Meet our 2012 Silver Lining Participants!




Press Releases:
2011 Silver Lining - New York, NY
2012 Silver Lining  - Nashville, TN